‘You haven’t seen a tree until you’ve seen its shadow from the sky.’
Amelia Earhart

Chartering an aircraft is possible and easily done, but as a client one ends up paying more than double the price you would pay if the plane stays with you for your entire safari. The additional cost is due to the fact that the aircraft has to return to base after dropping you off at your destination, and then will come back, empty, to collect you and take you to your next destination. Afterwards, the aircraft will inevitably return to base empty once again.

By having your pilot double up as your personal guide and host for the duration of your safari you as the client are gaining an additional benefit of making your overall experience that much more rewarding.

Secondly; flying with the local airlines is great, but the companies don’t fly to many of the more interesting places and, of course, you must match their schedules and days of travel.

As your personal pilot and guide the plane will never be flying empty legs during your safari thus the operational costs of the plane couldn't be more efficient.

More to the point; Africa’s roads are often in disrepair and generally congested with both vehicles and domestic animals making travel by road often unsafe & less than ideal. Flying affords one the opportunity to cover more ground in less time – travel efficiency. By choosing a flying safari time spent on the road is kept to a bare minimum and access to the more remote & therefore pristine areas are accessible in any given period of time.

Flying not only maximizes the scope for a safari but also adds a completely new dynamic. The understanding of the processes that shape the land take on a greater appreciation, the topography and perspective on the landscape are evident in a 3-dimensional manner.

Multi-functional, I double up as your host, escort and secondary guide backed up by some of Africa’s finest guides each with his / her own specific specialized field of interest & expertise in each of the regions we visit within Sub-Saharan Africa.

By choosing a tailor made flying safari a potential client has the liberty to opt for a bespoke itinerary suited to the interests, activities and regions of their choice backed up by individual selection, personal consideration and prior experience of myself; the safari host.

My preferred modus operandi is to establish contact with my clients personally, and through tinkering and tweaking an initial itinerary we will ‘panel beat’ to form a truly unique and bespoke privately guided flying safari through some of Africa’s most magnificent regions and reserves.

On the other hand, group safaris on a preplanned set itinerary with like minded individuals are also great fun. The perk of a group safari is that the transport costs are reduced and diluted or spread evenly across the number of individuals on board the plane.