Project Description

In my opinion one of the most iconic African landscapes with endless seas of golden grass dotted with picturesque acacia and boscia trees. Home to a varied number of plains game and a huge diversity of wildlife the Masai Mara truly is a wildlife lovers haven.

The Mara is of course most famous for playing host to the annual wildebeest migration. This occurs anywhere between July to October. The massive herds of animals are drawn northwards from the Serengeti by the abundance of lush green grass on the plains following the rains.

The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.

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The grasslands support a variety of prey species in huge numbers and therefore a large amount of predators such as Lion, Hyena, Jackal, Cheetah and Leopard.

Wildlife viewing in the Mara is fantastic all year round; but anywhere from July to October, it is the site of one of the most spectacular wildlife experiences on earth.

This reserve is a personal favourite of mine. As far as climate goes, the nights are cool and the days warm as the Masai Mara is 5,000 feet above sea level. Old world colonial camping in a private camp-site within the heart of the reserve means no commute time to the prime game viewing areas. The game in fact comes to us at all hours…