Project Description

The remote location of the Savuti and Linyanti area ensures an authentic safari experience. The camps are small and intimate and you will enjoy superb game viewing in an unspoilt wilderness area. This area is also the home of a lesser known migration of zebra and wildebeest.

Linyanti, Savuti and Chobe also offer fantastic wildlife experiences, particularly during the dry season between May and November. The Chobe  NP is renowned for large concentrations of Elephant.

The Savuti and Linyanti area borders on the Chobe National Park and is just north east of the Okavango Delta. A choice game area is the Savuti Marsh (also spelt Savute), which has something of a mystical quality, as it is known to dry up or flood regardless of local rainfall. No matter what time of the year you visit the sizes of herds can be staggering!  Savuti Linyanti is the site of the annual zebra migration. Of particular note are the beautiful sable and roan antelopes, the red lechwe and the aquatic sitatunga antelope which inhabit the Savuti Linyanti.

I never knew of a morning in Africa when I woke up and was not happy

Ernest Hemingway