Project Description

Not all who wander are lost.

J. R. R. Tolkien

Zanzibar Archipelago is comprised of well over 30 islands all of which lies 25-50 km offshore from mainland Tanzania.

The lure of the “spice islands” is legendary. From exotic Stone Town, a city with a fascinating history that invites you to explore its narrow streets, to palm-fringed beaches with spectacular turquoise sea and its magnificent marine life and striking coral formations, Zanzibar is a complete change of pace from mainland Tanzania. Here one finds an eclectic mix of cultures where Arabia meets Africa with a hint of India and Persia. This is reflected in the cuisine and culture; something that I take pride in offering my clients via unique access to a variety of properties and activities.

The islands host white sandy beaches which are fringed by coconut tree and lapped by translucent Indian Ocean waters. The lure of the “spice islands” is legendary.

My wife hails from Zanzibar and therefore together we can really offer one a unique and personal experience enhanced by staying in private beach villas, intimate musical performances from my father in-laws music traditional music academy and activities that truly encapsulate the spirit and essence of the island lifestyle.